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My Sweet Sweet Boys! 
My boys are so Special to me. They truley are so Loving & Cuddley! You can't go wrong with any of these boys being the daddy to one of your babies!

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Jasper is ABSOLUTLEY Stunning!  He comes to us from Russia.  He has that perfect little teddy bear face, tiny little ears, short cobby body and the most amazing double coat. 
Gronk is the son of Demi & Gothom! (Gothom is from Candi Colored Poms)
Everyone Loves this little man.
This boy is a True Wolf Sable and weights more in coat than he does in body.  
Apollo is such a Cutie Pie! He is a Darling Chocolate & Tan.  He is tiny with an amazing double coat, tiny little ears and a perfect little teddy bear face.
Stich is a beautiful Blue Merle. He belongs to my good friend Teri with Beach Party Poms but lives here with me.  He makes beautiful babies and is such a joyful little guy.