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Examples of Checkered Flag Poms Contracts

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Once deposit is made I will email out a E-sign  Deposit Agreement.  It will look similar to this.  It will be filled in on which puppy or if no puppy is picked it will state what picking order you are in.

If you are in a picking order, once I send out which puppies are available to choose from you have 3 days to determin if you want such puppy or if you want to pass to next liter.  This is only fair to the people behind you in picking order.  You will not loose your spot in line if you pass you may just get moved up.
Once puppy is ready to go home I will eighter have you sign Sales Agreement at pick up or if puppy is flying out with puppy nanny I will email an E-Sign that will need to be signed and sent back before puppy leaves.  Along with this you will have the Health Gurantee & Check list to sign. (See Below)
When puppy is ready to go home I will either have you sign this at pick up or if puppy is going home with a puppy nanny than it will be emailed as an E-Sign that must be signed before puppy leaves.
We can not guarantee against anything that puppy may pick up once he/she leaves here.  You must get he/she remaining puppy shots! 
This is our check off sheet, it is for both of us to make sure we covered everthing.  This will also be signed at pick up or emailed in a E-Sign a week before puppy leaves if flying with a puppy nanny.