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I just LOVE my girls!  Each one holds a Special spot in my heart!! These girls keep me on my toes for sure.  They are just like my kids.  I call them my little kids.  Just like children each one has a diffrent personality!  You never know what these girls will get themselves into.  They bring so much joy into our lives. 
If you are interested in one of my girls furture litters plase call me or email me! 

Wolf Sable
Demi is such a Sweetheart! 
She always has a smile on her face. Miss Demi is just a goof ball.  She's always doing something to make us laugh.  Demi has the most GORGOUS babies! The people that are fortuante enought to have a Demi baby just ADORE them. I kept a boy from her. "Little Gronk".  I am so hoping to keep a girl from her.  We shall see! She has only given me one girl and I kick myself everyday for not keeping her.

Light Orange with White Markings

Cali is my Presious Girl!
​Cali comes to us from Russia. She is always playing.  She is happiest when she is laying next to someone with a ball. She is also know to steal everyones socks. HAHA
Cali has a heart of gold! 
She gives us such beautiful babies and her babies are always just as playful as she is.  It is so fun watching her play with her babies.  I Will be keeping a girl soon from her.

Blue & Tan

Fancy Pants!
Fancy turly is my "Little Fancy Pants!" She knows just how Cute she is and lets everyone know it.  She has the most STUNNING babies!  Ask anyone that has a Fancy baby and they will say they are Truly in Love! If you are wanting that perfect Black & Tan Pomeranian, Fancy's babies are what you will want!
I will also be keeping a baby from her soon. Boy or Girl.

Light Orange with White Markings

Stella is the Sweetest girl! She is such a Great momma and all around perfect little girl.  She is definitely a Girly Girl.  She is happiest when she is with her babies or anyones babies! She thinks she is mother to all.
She has such cute little babies.  She is another one that I will be keeping a girl from.  

Black & Tan & Silver

Paypay is such a FUN & LOVING girl!  She is such a ray of sunshine.  When ever there is mischeif going on, you can believe she will be in the mix. HEHEHE! Never a dull moment with my Payton!

Blue Merle

Willow is a Tiny little doll!  She is a STUNNING Blue Merle with one Blue eye. She maybe small but she is mighty.  I will be keeping a girl soon from her.

Cream Sable

Tinker Bell is one in a million!  She has a soul like no other.  She is so funny.  She is always saying hi and waving to everyone.  When I say wave, yes she waves.  Cracks me up!  She is also a Tiny girl with a Heart of Gold!  She has the most precious babies.
I will be keeping a girl from her also.


Snow is such a Happy-go-Lucky girl.  She is a spectacular mom and has Gorgous babies.  I have kept a boy from her and hopefully will be keeping a girl soon.

Orange & White Parti

Abbie is always smiling.  She come to us from Russia.  Abbie is such a happy & beautiful girl! Her babies are just like she is. Hopefully I will be keeping a girl from her soon.