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How many shots does my Pomeranian Puppy need & when can I take he/she out & about?

Puppy Mills & Scams!
What to look for in Puppy scams.

1st 24 hours!
What can I expect for the 1st 24 hours?

When buying a Pomeranian (or any pet) it can be a very scary experience.  Please do all your homework and cross your t's and dot your i's.
Puppy Mills!! BEWARE of Puppy Mills!  Yes, unfortunately there are so many Puppy Mill breeders out there that give us GOOD breeders a bad name.  A Puppy Mill is a horric way for any animal to be raised.  THese breeders have their animals locked in HORRIIFIC cages filled with filtha nd are treated horriable!  They are treated like an ATM and that is all.  Just talking about them makes me so upset.  So PLEASE be careful!
Again there is some really shady people out there.  You would be amazed at what people willd o to make a buck.  Here are a few things to watch out for.
*Always remember that if it sounds to goo to be true, than you know waht it is more than likely isn't true.
*A very low price that includes shipping.  So, just so you . know a puppy nanny on the average is $400-$500, so if you find a Pomeranian for sale that is only $500 that includes shipping ask yourself how is that possiable. 
*Sends you a picture but won't send you recent pictures or video with proof of time.  Again people are crazy.  Some will steal pictures of other Pomeranians for Sale and advertise that it is their Pomeranian for Sale.  These people A: may not even have a Pomeranian puppy for sale or B: will have a Pomeranian puppy for sale but its not the same one that they sent the picute of.
*This one is a hard one. So I have an open door policy, this is where I let people come visit if they want to.  A lot of people won't do this for a many good reasons and I maybe changing my way on this also.  But on this note if someone doesn't let you come visit ask to FaceTime and just go with your gut.
*Ask for pictures of Parents and if they have parents on site.  Just keep in mind that the momma will not look all that great, momma's start to loose their coats after they have a their babies so they can look alittle scary. LOL
*Tea Cup Pomeranians for sale or Micro Pomeranians for sale! If some one is advertising with Tea Cup Pomeranians for sale or Micro Pomeranians for sale there is NO SUCH THING!!  This is all just for marketing. 
*AKC Pomeranians for sale vs CKC Pomeranians for sale (American CKC).  So
CKC can be alittle scary.  They will register just about anything, so be careful with that.  AKC has very high standards and does way more in-depth in research and DNA testing.  Also aks to see parents papers.
*Ask for references.
​*Always go with your gut feeling!

The 1st 24 hours are very important for you & your new baby.  He/She will cry the 1st night & probably will for a few nights.  It is a new enviroment & can be scary for them.  I believe if you put a stuffed animal in with them it helps.
Make sure you show he/she where their food & water is and have food out 24/7 for them.  Make sure baby is eating & drinking every couple hours.  Baby may get stressed or to excited to eat.  It is VERY IMORTANT that your baby is eating and drinking.
Baby needs to know where he/she potty area is.  Baby will have accidents just keep showing where he/she needs to go.  Make sure you DO NOT give baby the run of the house.  This will prolong potty training.
I alsways recommend using a kitty collar with a bell on it so that you can hear baby. 
Puppy shots are VERY important!  Y​​ou MUST make sure your puppy gets all his/her puppy shots.  Your Pomeranian puppy must get 4 sets of shots: 7 weeks, 10 weeks, 13 weeks and 16 weeks.  At the time of 16 weeks shot is when he/she will get their rabies shot.  DO NOT put your puppy on the ground unless you are 100% sure that it is a clean enviroment and is disease free.  (Parvo is a horriable disease & can lead to death)
After he/she has had their 4th shot than you can let your puppy go pretty much everywhere, as long as it is in a safe inviroment.  I can't stress enough on making sure your baby gets all he/she shots!!

What should I buy before I bring my Pomeranian puppy home?

Here is a list of a few things that you may want to get before the arrival of your new Pomeranian puppy. 
1. Food (Fromm puppy and Stella & Chew meal mixer)  
2.  Crate 
3.  X pen or some sort of inclosed are that you can put baby in when you are not with he/she
4.  Toys (Ross & Marshalls have a great pet section
5.  Food & Water bowl
6.  Potty Pads (Costco or Sams Club has great potty pads)
7.  Travel bag

Why is my Pomeranian puppy losing his/her hair?

When you take your ball of fluff home they are gorgeous.  But as the months pass by, usually between 4 and 6 months, you may notice that your little one isn't quite as even coated as before.  Hair will begin to look long in certain areas of the body and short in other parts of the body. (very uneven) DON'T PANIC!  This is perfectly normal.  It is what is called "THE PUPPY UGLIES" in Pomeranians.  They will look like a a long haired Chihuahua for a couple of months.  Their ears and muzzles will appear larger and more pronounced because of the hair loss around the head.  Their legs will look long and stringing.  Honestly they start to look like a stray.  Then, usually around a year the adult coat will start to fill in and and at about 2 years of age they will have their Beautiful adult coat.  While they are going through this stage beleive me they probley won't be winning any Beauty contest, but it will be worth when you see your baby turn into that Beautiful Pomeranian.  Adult females who have justed weaned a litter of pupies will also blow her adult coat and look pitiful for several months until her coat returns.

What is Hypo & the signs of my Pomeranian Puppy going Hypoglycemic?

Hyoglycemia, or low blood sugar, is apotentially life-threatening situation for your puppy.  Your puppy's blood sugar, or glucose, is their primary source of energy.  When glucose levels drop below normal, it results in aloss of energy and decreased ability to function.  In severe cases, your puppy may lose consciousness or even die.
Puppy needs to eat & drink every 2 hours & not be placed in stressful situations.
If you notice your puppy going Hypo you need to give he/she Karo & amke sure he/she is eating and drinking.  If it is a severe case go the VET IMMEDOATELY!
Symtoms of Hypoglycemia may come and go or reamin presitent.  Common symptoms of Hypo include:
*Low Energy *Weakness *Exercise intolerance *Disorientation *Unusual behavior *Vision impairment *Lack of Appetite *Increased thirst *Anxiety *Depression *Tremors (shivering) *Collapse *Seizures *Coma

What is Nuvet & Where can I buy Nuvet?

As a Pomeranian Breeder, Pomeranian health is my top priorit.  That is whyNuVet Plus immune system builder is required as part of my Pomeranian Health Guarantee.
To Assure yor puppy gets off to the right start, they have beeen enjoying NuVet Plus everyday.  Continuing this daily regiment is the easiest and best way to keep your pet on the path to perfect health!
Nuvet is not a vitamin.  It is an immune system builder with a precise balance of vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids, amino acids and high potency antioxidants.  That's why it works so well through the stages of life.
*For younger dogs (under the age of 2), it strengthens their immune system, while building and strengthening the cardiovascular, skeletal and nerve systems.  It also helps protect them from the side effects of caccinations and the stress of new and different enviroments.
*For in their prime (2-8), it improves the luster of their skin and coat while protecting against allergies, skin and coat problems, staining from tears and digestive problems.
*Fpr when they are older (after age 8), it helps protect against tumors, premature aging, cataracts, heart conditions, diabetes and many types of cancer.
NuVet is not sold in stores and is only availabe to the general public with an order code from an authorized pet professional.
For your convenience, you may order directly form the manufacturer by calling 800-474-7044 and using Order code: 98382 or by ordering online at
You can also save an additional 15% and assure you never run out of Nuvet vy choosing "Autoship" option at check out.